Plant-Based Indie Household Care Line Therapy Clean Debuts in Natural Cleaning Marketplace

by ZeuCer

Therapy Clean, a new lineup of plant-based, cruelty-free household cleaning products said to deliver the first-ever wellness-inspired home care line, is expanding this summer. According to the indie household care brand, the cleansers are scientifically proven to improve mood using natural fragrances designed to drive positive emotions with aromatherapy.

Using fragrance technology that was neuro-scientifically tested, the two new vegan products—all purpose cleaner ($4.95) and dish soap ($4.49)—are available in three different scents, each with their own unique benefits. Fragrances include Sea Salt & Eucalyptus, Juniper & Lemon Zest and Fresh Herb & Melon.

Give your home a glow up with these new natural home care products.

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