Man, 84, pleads no contest to blowing up trailer


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — An 84-year-old man who blew up his trailer after firing a gun during an argument with a neighbor has pleaded no contest to four felonies, according to court records.

Jerald Jackson Lowrimore on Friday pleaded no contest to arson, assault with a deadly weapon, gun possession by a felon and attempted cruelty to animals. Lowrimore’s dog suffered serious burns in the explosion.

Lowrimore told police he destroyed the trailer so his ex-wife wouldn’t get it.

“Lowrimore also stated he has been planning on blowing his trailer up for 5 years now and he intentionally did it today using gasoline, diesel fuel, 90% rubbing alcohol, and he turned on the gas from his wall heater in the trailer,” an investigator wrote in court documents. “Lowrimore stated he stood in the doorway of his residence and turned on the lighter at which point the fire began.”

Police were called to a trailer park on K Street the morning of Jan. 9, 2022, where they learned an elderly man, possibly with dementia, had fired at a neighbor, according to court documents. The neighbor was not hit.

Police went to Lowrimore’s trailer and ordered him out. He left, tossed a revolver and went back inside, documents said.

Soon after, an explosion rocked the trailer, which became engulfed in flames. Lowrimore was found on a driveway at the back of the burning structure and arrested.

Lowrimore told police he had intended to kill his neighbor and was upset his gunshots missed, according to the documents. Sentencing is set for July 20.


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