Everyday Opulence: Diptyque’s Luxury Home Cleaning Collection

by ZeuCer

The beloved home fragrance brand diptyque is bringing its aromatic specialities to the world of utilitarian cleaning products. The line of home care products called La Droguerie blends practicality and olfactory joy for perfuming everyday life.

A new collection of eco-friendly household products combining the good, the beautiful and the useful.


The full collection from the cult-favourite French fragrance house includes everything from washing-up liquid to a multi-surface cleaner.

True to the brand’s ethics, sustainability is at the forefront of the range with products made using natural or naturally-sourced ingredients that are biodegradable. Aside from the candle, all products are approved by the organic certification organisation ECOCERT, arriving in bottles made of recycled glass.

Dishwashing Liquid with Orange Blossom

Tackle grease and grime with diptyque’s liquid soap that’s delicately scented with positive notes of orange blossom, mandarin and basil. Made in France and approved by ECOCERT, the liquid comes in a 500ml refillable glass bottle.

diptyque Dishwashing Liquid with Orange Blossom
A$61 | Source: diptyque

Multi-Surface Cleaner with Vinegar

From the bathroom to the kitchen, clean and shine all washable surfaces with diptyque’s multi-surface cleaner and leave behind a subtle vinegar scent with fragrance notes of lavender, cedar and fig.

A$61 | Source: diptyque

Scented Ceramic Oval

Easily freshen up small spaces such as wardrobes, cupboards and drawers while warding off insects with this wax oval infused with warm, dense notes of cedarwood and brighter accords of lavender.

A$88 | Source: diptyque

Odour Removing Candle

Eliminate unpleasant odours in your home and replace them with beautiful green and aromatic combinations of basil, mint and tomato leaf. This diptyque candle burns for 60 hours and targets the molecules responsible for nasty smells.

A$95 | Source: diptyque

Leather and Wood Care Lotion with Beeswax

Keep wooden furniture and leather goods fresh with diptyque’s specialist care lotion. The 250ml lotion nourishes, shines and protects, delivering a woody fragrance with notes of beeswax, cedar and patchouli.

 diptyque care lotion
A$44 | Source: diptyque

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Source: https://themarketherald.com.au/fancy/everyday-opulence-diptyques-luxury-home-cleaning-collection/

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