EDUFest! 2023 Educators Inspiring & Learning Together

by ZeuCer

This year’s EDUFest will be sponsored by both KernCUE and the Kern High School District. It will be held Saturday, February 4th. Sessions will be on Saturday from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. Our theme is “Educators Inspiring & Learning Together!” The conference is geared to all educators TK-12th grades including district level support, TOSA’s, Technology Directors and Administration.

At this year’s EDUFest, there will be three concurrent session times. Concurrent sessions are 1-hour presentations that address all areas of education including student engagement, as well as an appeal to a wide-variety of educators including teachers, academic coaches, and administration. Sessions may be given by a single speaker, team, or panel who can address trends in learning, achievement, and success using engaging strategies, programs, or technology in instruction.

We welcome our keynote, Gerry Brooks, who will be speaking to educators about creating Positive Personal Climate and Culture in the workplace.

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