Democrats push for votes on abortion legislation ahead of Dobbs anniversary


WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — This week marks a year since the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the right to an abortion.

As we mark the monumental ruling, Democrats are renewing a push to protect abortion access, even though they know it’s unlikely. 

This week, Senate Democrats are planning to hold votes on bills to protect travel to get an abortion, guarantee access to contraception, and guard private health data. 

“Democrats will never, never stop fighting to protect a woman’s right to choose,” Senate leader Chuck Schumer said. 

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Senator Patty Murray is one of the lawmakers leading that charge. 

“Americans do not want politicians making Healthcare decisions for them,” Murray said. 

The bills don’t have enough votes to pass, but Democratic leaders say they want to get Republicans on the record. 

“The issues we are talking about should be common sense and they should be supported by Republicans.” Murray said. 

While Republicans reject the Democrats’ tactics, they aren’t entirely united on the role the federal government should play with abortion. 

Congressman Ralph Norman is among those who argue states should make their own abortion laws.

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“This didn’t abolish abortion, it put it back in the states where it should be,” Norman said. 

But Senator Lindsey Graham disagrees. He wants to pass a national abortion ban beyond 15 weeks of pregnancy. 

“Some Republicans abortion is a state’s rights issue. I reject that. Abortion is a human right’s issue,” Graham said. “I think there’s a role in protecting the unborn in Washington.” 

With Congress unlikely to reach a consensus, White House advisor Jen Klein says the Biden Administration is focused on executive actions. 

“We are doing everything we can to ensure that people get access to the care that they need whether that’s abortion, whether that’s contraception, whether that’s other reproductive health needs,” Klein said. 

But she says the real solution would be restoring the rights that Roe guaranteed. 


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