City shelter gives away hundreds of anxiety dog vests


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Two weeks ahead of one of their busiest days of the year, the Bakersfield Animal Care Center gave away hundreds of vests free to city residents. This is to help those anxious furry friends ahead of the Fourth of July fireworks, resulting in many running away from their homes.

Director of the City Shelter Matthew Buck says these vests comfort dogs to reduce their stress levels.

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“It mimics like being wrapped up, like either being in a den or being hugged.” Matthew Buck said, “Let’s the dog know that somebody is around and is caring for them.”

This is the first time the Bakersfield Animal Care Center gave away free dog anxiety vests and people showed up as early as two hours before opening time.

Matthew Buck says action from the community is needed now more than ever.

“We have 175 kennels and 292 dogs as of right now. So we are at about 90 to 100 dogs over capacity, when we reach the over capacity mark, we do have to make adjustments in the population, and the way we do that is through euthanasia.”

Shelter officials say it’s important to also tag your pet, even if it’s with a temporary tag made at home to get through the holiday.

Diana Parra picked up her pet vest Wednesday and says it is important to know the signs if your pet is under stress. These can include shaking, looking fearful, or seeking shelter below surfaces.

If you can’t bring your dog inside for the Fourth of July celebration, Matthew Buck advises owners to make sure there are no dangerous objects with which they could harm themselves.

Owners can chip their pet anytime at the Bakersfield Animal Care Center for only $10 dollars.


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