California Passes Law Requiring Companies to Post Salary Ranges on Job Listings

The state joins New York City and Colorado in adopting the pay transparency tactic to close wage gaps.

by ZeuCer

California joins Colorado, New York City, and Washington state in adopting the job-posting tactic. Only Colorado’s law is currently in effect; New York City-based employers will have to start listing pay ranges starting on Nov. 1. The New York state legislature also passed a similar bill that’s awaiting Governor Kathy Hochul’s signature.

If the California and New York governors, who are both Democrats, sign the pending laws, almost a quarter of the US population will live in states with such salary disclosure requirements.

The California Chamber of Commerce opposes the bill, even after lawmakers stripped a requirement that would make all pay data public. New York City’s rule also faced business pushback, which delayed enforcement by six months.

Pay transparency on job postings is just one of many tools cities and states have adopted to close wage gaps. Some also prohibit employers from asking about pay at past jobs and from disciplining workers who share pay information. Maryland requires pay to be disclosed for job postings upon request and Connecticut, Nevada and Rhode Island require disclosure during the hiring process.


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