California has some of the most expensive pizza in the nation, study finds

by ZeuCer

Whether it’s a freshly baked pie, a slice, frozen or French bread, there is no denying the popularity of pizza in the United States.

Americans consume about three billion pizzas each year – which works out to around nine pies per person.

Aside from being versatile and delicious, one of the most appealing things about pizza is the price. You can typically feed a family of four with a 14-inch pie for under 20 bucks. That is, unless you live in California.

Shocker, right? looked at pizza prices across the nation and ranked seven California cities among the top 10 for the most-expensive pizza.

The website pulled data from GrubHub to find the average cost of a regular 14-inch cheese pizza with no toppings in 50 of the largest U.S. cities.

It found Portland, Oregon, has the most expensive pizza at $21.67, before taxes (and again, with no toppings).

San Jose, California was second at $21.59. San Francisco, Fresno, Los Angeles, Bakersfield, and San Diego also ranked in the top 10.

RankCityStateAverage cost of a 14” cheese pizza Cost per slice 1PortlandOregon$21.67$2.712San JoseCalifornia$21.59$2.703New York CityNew York$21.48$2.694San FranciscoCalifornia$21.47$2.685SeattleWashington$21.14$2.646FresnoCalifornia$21.05$2.637ChicagoIllinois$20.88$2.618Los AngelesCalifornia$19.99$2.509BakersfieldCalifornia$19.92$2.4910San DiegoCalifornia$19.85$

The average price-per-pie nationwide was $17.17, found.

On the other end of the spectrum, Detroit ($13.39), El Paso ($13.90) and Oklahoma City ($13.99) were found to have the cheapest pizzas in the U.S.

RankCityStateAverage cost of a 14” cheese pizza Cost per slice1DetroitMichigan$13.39$1.672El PasoTexas$13.90$1.743Oklahoma CityOklahoma$13.99$1.754Fort WorthTexas$14.26$1.785TulsaOklahoma$14.34$1.796AlbuquerqueNew Mexico$14.35$1.797TucsonArizona$14.57$1.828WichitaKansas$14.65$1.839MesaArizona$14.66$1.8310JacksonvilleFlorida$14.77$1.8511NashvilleTennessee$14.99$1.8712ColumbusOhio$15.12$1.8913IndianapolisIndiana$15.27$1.9114BaltimoreMaryland$15.40$1.9315Kansas CityMissouri$15.56$

To determine the cost of a slice of pizza, divided the average cost of a pizza by eight.

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