Best cashback and reward credit cards

by ZeuCer

Spend on one of these cards and it pays you – either in pure cashback or points that you can convert into vouchers for shops, airlines, hotels and more. If you’re debt-free and pay off your card every month, you can earn goodies worth £100s each year. Plus our Reward Credit Card Eligibility Calculator will show cards you’ve the best odds of getting.

How do reward credit cards work?

Essentially, they’re quite simple. You just do your everyday spending on them and, in return, you get cashback or points which you can turn into vouchers, or money off at various shops. Reward cards can be a great way of earning £100s’ worth of bonuses/cashback.
It sounds great – everyone loves something for nothing. But unless you’re careful, cards will actually deliver nothing for something, as you’ll likely get hit with interest if you don’t pay them off IN FULL every month. Some cards even impose a minimum spend to get the rewards – so always read carefully before choosing a card and make sure it’ll work for you.

We take you through the top cards and the potential pitfalls below.


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