Bakersfield hit by credit card reader scams


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Many customers in Bakersfield are now feeling the pressure of being scammed out of their hard-earned money.

Fake card readers are becoming easier to install, taking just a few seconds to do and you may often visit one of the popular spots for these types of frauds.

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“I’ve worked in the gas station field for about two years and I’ve learned quite a bit about them because they come and they break these seals that we have up here,” Dawn Brubaker, who is the manager at a Shell gas station, said. “And they’ll get into the thing, and put a new pin pad down here and just take your information from there.”

But these frauds don’t stop at gas stations.

Bakersfield police say so far in 2023 they have received 14 reports of scam card readers, these have been found mostly in ATMs, self-checkouts and gas pumps.

Police encourage everyone to be aware of when they’re paying.

Sgt. Robert Pair with the Bakersfield Police Department says “A good routine or habit is to wiggle the part of the device where you put your card into it to make sure it’s not loose.”

In a time filled with technological advances, Bakersfield resident Jimmy Guy says he uses that to his advantage. 

“My phone tells me every time I get a purchase so,” Jimmy Guy said. “That’s probably the best thing, you know, you get a notification exactly when the card is used.”

Police recommend you be aware of suspicious cameras or activity and report it immediately to authorities. As for those scamming the community, Sgt. Pair says they may face different types of felony charges.


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