Arnold Schwarzenegger hired as chief action officer at Netflix

by ZeuCer

(KTLA) — Arnold Schwarzenegger is back in action, but this time as a boss at Netflix.

The former California governor has a position in the C-suite as the streamer’s chief action officer.

In a tongue-in-cheek video posted online, the movie star revealed his new role after running over a Mercedes-Benz with a tank.

“No one loves action as much as I do,” he declared as he arrived at his new gig at Netflix’s headquarters. “That’s why I’ve accepted a big new job as Netflix’s chief action officer.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger, tired of potholes, fills one himself

The parody incorporates Schwarzenegger’s many roles as he promotes the streaming company’s roundup of action films and series, including “The Night Agent,” “Extraction 2,” “The Witcher,” “Heart of Stone,” “The Brothers Sun” and “Lift.”

The “Terminator” star is in a new action comedy himself called “FUBAR,” which drops May 25.

“I’m working around the clock to bring you the biggest action on Earth,” he continued to explain. “Nobody knows action like I do, and nobody hits like Netflix.”

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